Alain A. Weiller is an epicurean in music, the diversity of his compositions is a true testimony of this. His artistic formation reveals his pugnacity to make through the projects that he is in charge of, so as the disciplines he studied, never suffered approximation.

Indeed, he began at 9 years old with the Annie Fratellini Circus ‘s School where he was taught the jugglery, the thread and acrobatics. Annie was the first to advise Alain to learn music. (The circle was closed when he composed in 2011 the new PINDER’s musics, the mythical Circus of «La piste aux Etoiles» , a famous french TV show in the sixties and seventies.)

At the age of 10, Alain took trumpet’s lessons at the Pantin’s Music Academy, then at 16 years old he got an Academy price, and finally obtained the 1st Excellence Price of Music Formation. He studied in music’s writing, and discovered music assisted by computers, which was just beginning at that time. So, he grew up with a double culture : classical & electronical styles.

Thus his passion for music led him to learn all by himself the piano, keyboard and singing. During 15 years, he traveled and played on numerous stages all around the world.

In 1998, he started a Japanese Tour where he composed, arranged for various artists including TV show for NHK.

In 2000, he composed, co-produced, and played as well in a Musical Fairy Tale project in Tokyo, which replaced the famous « Cirque du Soleil ».

In 2001, he settled down his own recording studio in Boulogne Billancourt. Since when, he composed songs for severals artists, but, as well, musics for advertising, TV shows, cinema.

In 2016, Alain arranged and produced 12 originals songs from Michel Legrand for Big Band and orchestra with more than 60 musicians, for Smaïn’s album, who is a very well-know showman in France.

The same year, Alain received the award of best composer at the «Festival Arte Non-Stop of cinema of Bueno Aires» for the film «For One» by Mathieu Rivolier.

In 2017, he also settled down 2 others recording companies ; the first one in Bruxelles and the other one in London. He composed the music of «Meurtre à Orleans» by Jean-Marc Seban who’s breaking all audiences records at the french TV.

For 2018, in spite of the differents musicals projects, Alain is composing a flugelhorn album called «Velvet Syncretism», played by himself, a mix of cinematic mood and very large melodies.

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